Managing Stock - The Good & Bad Times - London

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Short Course - 4 Hours - PM

Many business loose sales on a daily basis due to the levels of stock they hold, often high levels of stock prohibit the purchasing of new lines, tie up cashflow and cause storage issues. On the other hand, business who don't plan and forecast their stock needs, run out of stock and don't have the opportunity to acquire more stock overnight. Either way, poor stock levels can make or break the business and damage customer goodwill.

Through this short course we will, help you navigate stock management and provide you with useful tools for the future.

Session Aims:

  • To develop learners thinking in the way they approach stock contro in the business when times are good, and how to identify selling opportunities.
  • How to emotionally detach from stock in the business in order to maximise profits and actual selling margin, understanding other retailers markdowns and the current market situation can still provide opportunity.
  • Provide thought stimulating ideas of how to cope with tasks when they don't go to plan and how to reflect back on the purpose of the task and brand.
  • Understanding that many facets make a business, but logically paced stock intakes will pay greater dividends.

You will at the end of this short course be able to make positive business changes to your buying and merchandising plans, understand the basics of stock management, purchasing and protecting cash flow. You will understand various methods of utilising your stock and how to clear your old stock yet make a positive brand impact.

We will send you full joining instructions, 2 weeks before your course commences.

We don't need you to prepare anything in advance, we do ask that you come with a clear mind.

During our courses, we have a strict "no digital equipment on display policy". This prevents distraction from emails and everyday work life.

Often asked if we have a dress code: There is no dress code, please dress as you wish, most clients tend to attend in causal clothing.

Please note, we start and finish on time. If you are unable to guarantee arriving for the start of the course, please make arrangements to stay near by the night before. Please note booking accommodation is at your own expense and not refundable if the course is cancelled.
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