Gathering wider team feedback, validating ideas, taking your team on a journey, sharing product launches or looking to change focus.  We facilitate workshops for our clients in order to help move the business forward.  

Bringing the wider team into a workshop, will often help business founders understand why people are resistant to an idea, bring their opinions into the mix as well as helping to build a stronger roll our approach.  Workshops also allow team members to contribute to the direction of the business and to feel they are an important member of the team.

We will work with you, during our consultations to identify if a workshop would be beneficial or whether 1:2:1 sessions would be a way to achieve stronger results.  Facilitating workshops in a very clear and structured way that fits with your needs, we will make sure we discuss, discover and examine ideas in a considerate way that brings everyones opinion forward.

We have held workshops for many of our clients that cover:

  • Product range design and selection
  • Customer service offering
  • Stockist segmentation and management
  • Brand creation
  • Online Trading
  • Bringing a brand to market

No one workshop is ever the same, we always suggest a workshop is away from the office so no one is disrupted and we always recommend they are digital screen free during sessions.  

After any workshop, you will come away with a clearer understanding of the issues, a proposed way forward, a timeline of next steps as well as a sense of team wellbeing and involvement.

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