Here at First 365 Days we will help you identify commercial opportunities that are not always evident to those working in the business on a daily basis.

First 365 Days aims to become your trusted advisor and confident, we are able to help you make the complex simple and the unthinkable become reality.

Working with brands such as Premier Inn, NHS, Matches Fashions, Levis, Masons, B_Boheme and many more Lee has helped transform business process, increased revenue, increased customer engagement and loyalty. We have also worked across multiple sectors which include: Charity, Retail, Health, Property and Wholesale.

We don't want to blow our own trumpet too much, but we generally work with our customers for 2-3 years and build strong and meaningful relationships.  Often at the end of the session our clients say we are like a psychologist, we listen, we guide and we encourage. 

Led by Lee Carpenter-Johnson First 365 Days, prides itself on a strong reputation, the ability to unearth opportunities as well as being able to identify commercial opportunities.   Lee has led numerous teams and business to success and is highly experienced in online trading, running websites with turnovers up to £3bn a year.  

If you need help, are struggling to work out your next steps, we will help you identify the right journey.  Whether you a re brining a new brand to market or re-evaluating your business purpose, we are here to help.


Currently Lee works with the following educational establishments:


University of Arts, London College of Fashion as an Associate Lecturer

Peasron College as Visiting Lecturer & Industry Advisor


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