When we say take a break, there are a number of things that come to mind, coffee, holiday, long weekend, etc.

All of the above are needed during the day, week or year, but here we are talking about your To-Do-List.  

Massive to-do lists, where do I start, so much to learn, not enough time in the day. All typical statements heard everyday from our clients.  

Typically most clients have lists that are so long they are quite scary.  With 2-3 page to do lists and hundreds of points to action, where do you start?  We always suggest putting the to-do-list away for a few days, unless there is something crucial to life and death or a major client commitment, everything else in reality can wait for a couple of days.

Sop what happens to the work on the list, thats the point nothing, what happens instead is we give you space to think, think of things that make a difference.  We give you time to reflect on the business, to remember why you set it up, what you want to achieve next and how you can implement everything you want to do.

By having a little bit of to-do-list kill time, you will be able to reflect as mentioned, but when you do pick that list up again, scrap everything that does not reflect your recent thinking or that will not help you achieve your goals. 

Reflection and Reaffirmation are often activities most clients forget to do because life is so busy.  The moral here is you can write lists all day long, but if they don't relate to your brands direction then you could be spending time on things that are vanity projects rather than the game changing projects.

Do you need further help finding clarity and de-cluttering ideas?  Please contact us for further help.

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