Being a Founder or CEO of a small business is often described as a lonely role.  1 in 4 clients state loneliness as an issue, especially when starting or growing a business. Long hours, less me time and no support often impacts productivity. 

During the formative stages of running a small business, it can often be hard to delegate tasks to others or even outsource certain pieces of work.  As founders we often worry about other people meeting our exacting standards or presenting our brand in the way would.

In essence dealing with trust issues and relying on other peoples expereince will be essential to the growth of your business.   How does this relate to loneliness you may ask?  

By failing to trust others around you or to utilise their skills, you are not helping yourself to build meaningful relationships.  As a Founder without strong relationships, who are you going to run that next great idea past.  If your diary as busy as ours, what tasks are you going to prioritise and which ones will you leave for another day.

Often the tasks we putt off are ones that can grow our business, if we had help and learnt to trust others, we may just manage to work on the new idea.  

The message here is simple, build strong and trusting relationships, be aware of your own strengths and your ability to learn.  If you have a network of strong relationships, you are unlikely to feel alone, you will have people who can help you each step of the way.

If you would like further help on building the right team, please get in touch with us.

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