Back To Basics

So you have one of the most comprehensive online systems available at the moment, some really strong but complex procedures and an amazing spreadsheet that only you touch because if someone touches it they may damage it? Does this sound Familiar?

We have not come across a client to date, who does not have legacy systems, systems that are complicated or process that have become very complex over the years.  Why? generally when we are sold to, software and technology companies sell us the perfect solution, the perfect solution for them to your problem.  This complexity often stifles a business.   We all want the best and thats what we get sold, so we often pay more, we then become attached based on the price tag rather than the ability of the system and our need.

Process and systems are there to aid our decision making, enhance the operation and make the repetitive tasks go away.  We bolt on to systems add additional steps to procedures, create work arounds, settle for "It's always been like that" and pass comments about its too hard to change. 

As much an advocate of technology, we are advocate of going back to basics and asking the questions many companies and teams never ask after setup.  

Why did we buy the system?

What did we want the system to do?

How did we expect the system to work?

Does the software do the job intended and is it still the easy solution?

From all of the workshops we have carried out with different clients, we have helped them identify that many of their systems are now redundant, yet costs are accumulating on keeping them live, all because of the fear of change.  The ethos we share is keep it simple, keep it relevant and keep it cost effective.  So much money is wasted on complexity,  demystify the complex and look to make things simple and sharable.   Does that spreadsheet you love to hate really need to be complex?  Is there a tool to make it easier?

If you would like to speak further on this  subject, feel free to contact us.

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